A student startup that’s bringing down $10,000 in one week

Students in India have a new startup that makes it possible for students to get access to education for free.

The students at the Mahabodhi Mission, a private school in the Indian capital, have been turning to crowdfunding to help their education costs.

Students have been doing this for years with no success, but now, Mahabods Mission has launched a crowdfunding platform for students.

As a result, students at Mahabodi are able to take a year off of school, attend a regular college course, and then start a business.

The startup has raised more than $10 million in six months.

When asked why they were using crowdfunding, students told the Daily Dot that they needed to make sure that their education would be safe and secure, so they could get a decent job.

In the United States, students often need to get a loan to pay for college, so crowdfunding allows students to start their own business in a safe and hassle-free way.

Mahabodhima Mission is now aiming to raise another $10m to continue operating as a nonprofit.

Here are a few more highlights from Mahaboda Mission: The startup is also providing students with a way to support their education without having to pay the tuition.

Students can donate $10 to Mahabadi Mission, and receive a gift certificate.

After getting their $10 contribution, the students can then apply for a student loan of up to $1,000.

This is not free.

They must pay for the tuition at a university and be in good standing.

Students can also use Mahabody to receive the help of other students and their parents.

They can set up a donation account, and get financial assistance to cover the cost of a course or the student’s tuition fees.