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How to start your own business on campus

The University of Georgia is planning to open up its first-ever entrepreneurship incubator this summer, a move students hope will encourage more students to pursue their passions.

The university’s new program, which will launch in July, will bring together student entrepreneurs to work on their own startup projects.

“We’re trying to provide a space for students to really learn about entrepreneurship, get a feel for it, get to know the people who are in that space,” said Dr. Matthew McFarland, dean of the school’s Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurships program.

McFarland said the incubator, which is part of the university’s Entrepreneur Academy, is aimed at helping students find mentors and learn how to build their business.

It will be open to students and staff from Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, and other Georgia institutions.

The incubator is also expected to offer mentorship to Georgia Tech and Georgia State students, as well as to other students who are interested in entrepreneurship.

Its mission is to provide students and their families with the resources they need to take on the entrepreneurial challenges of the 21st century, McFarlands said.

Students will be able to work remotely in Atlanta and Gainesville.

They will work with other entrepreneurs, including founders of startups and other business owners, as they pursue their business goals.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply, McInerney said.

Students can expect to be asked to answer questions about the startup and to show off their entrepreneurial skills.

As part of this initiative, McIverney said, the school is offering a free “Growth Lab” to students interested in building a startup.

In order to participate, students will need to meet with a mentor from the university and to submit an application.

Participants must meet a minimum of three requirements: A college degree; An income of $125,000 per year for two years, or $125 a month for three years; and A minimum of $50,000 to build a company and $200,000 in the first year.

Applications for the incubation will be accepted until May 1.

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