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Google is planning to host a student entrepreneurship contest in 2020

Ars Technic’s Aaron Grubbs has learned that Google is set to host an online competition for young people to compete for a Google Glass-like device that can monitor their social networks and help them build their own businesses.

This year, Google is announcing the Glass Challenge, which will run from March 22 to March 29 in partnership with TechCrunch.

The competition will be hosted by Google’s new Glass Labs team.

TechCrunch is partnering with Glass Labs to provide coverage of the competition and its rules.

The Glass Challenge will be held at Google’s campus in Mountain View, California.

It will be a free event and open to anyone interested in participating.

Glass Labs will run a limited number of Glasses for $500 each, and participants will be given a chance to demo the device and ask questions.

Glasses will be available in a variety of sizes, from $500 to $1,000, with a limited amount of space available on the team’s website.

The Google Glass Challenge team will host a video to showcase the Glass and to announce the winner.

Tech Crunch will provide coverage from the event, as well as interviews with Glass team members and other interested parties.

Glass is currently only available in the U.S. The announcement comes on the heels of another Glass-related event, which was held on March 15.

Google Glass Labs hosted a developer event on March 14.

The event was hosted by the Glass team in conjunction with the Glass Labs.

Google is hosting a developer-focused Glass Challenge on the Glasses team’s site on March 22.

Glass will be limited to the teams that attend, and Google is offering a chance for those who can’t attend to submit their own Glass designs and ideas.

Glass has been in the works for a while, with Google revealing a prototype of the device in 2014.

A year later, the company announced the Glass Phone in April 2016, and the phone itself was announced by Google in October 2016.

The team behind the Glass phones have also been working on their own business, and announced plans to release a mobile phone in 2018.

The new Glass phones will be released in two different sizes, the regular size, which costs $1.99, and an XL, which is $3.99.

Google says that the company will also be launching a line of Glass apps in 2018, and they’ll be designed to help people learn about the Glass.

Google has also announced a partnership with the UBS Investment Bank to sponsor the Glass Lab team’s team contest.

The winner of the Glass challenge will receive a $10,000 grant, and a $1 million grant to create a business incubator.

Glass and its team will also receive the Glass Innovation Award, which Google says will be used to help companies create better ways to help the world’s most vulnerable people.

Google’s Glass Labs have been working to develop Glass since 2014.

The company’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, said in a statement to Ars that Glass will enable people to be better citizens.

“Our vision is to make technology more accessible to everyone.

We see Glass as a device that will empower people to make better choices, and that is something that we have been focused on from the beginning,” Sandberg said.