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Business owners learn about social entrepreneurship from students

Students at a Perth university are learning how to build their own online businesses from scratch.

Students at the University of Technology Perth (UTOP) are learning the business basics, from what to bring to a meeting to how to communicate and sell their products online.

The project is part of a series called Social Entrepreneurship at UTP, which aims to improve the digital skills of students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

“I want to be able to make more connections with the students, and to be a mentor to the students,” project leader Sarah Smith said.

“This is really a social entrepreneurship course that gives students an opportunity to do that and it also gives them the opportunity to actually work with other students and learn from them.”

Social entrepreneurship at UOP is aimed at students who are new to the internet and online business.

“We want to give them an opportunity for them to do a really solid first impression of how they can build their online business,” Ms Smith said.

“They are also given the opportunity for a mentor on the site to talk to them about the business and what they can do.”

The course is taught by students from the University’s Business School, which also offers online business training.

“It’s not just about business.

It’s about social and community,” Mr Smith said, adding the aim was to give students a better understanding of the internet, the industry and social media.”

In the long run, they will have a better ability to make an impact on the community.”‘

I want people to know that there are other ways to do it’UTOP’s Social Entrepreneur Program provides a glimpse into the world of online entrepreneurship.

“Our students have done a really good job of taking what they’ve learnt and applying it to the real world,” Ms Harris said.

Mr Smith said the students would have a variety of different types of businesses to sell online, from an online bar to a website selling t-shirts.

“They can sell t-shirt designs for $2 to $5, or a small business that sells their t-shirts online for $100 to $200,” he said.

While the business owners would be learning how online sales work, the course also provides students with an insight into how the internet worked before it was social media dominated.

“Students will have the opportunity and an opportunity on the UTP site to share their own content,” Mr Harris said, explaining they could share a link to their website on social media, or use a social media app to share the content.

“That will be their social media account.

That will be something that they can sell to the audience.”

Ms Smith said students would also be able use social media to share information about their businesses and share a video about their products.

“What we want to do is give them a sense of who they are and the challenges they face,” she said.

Students from UTP will be learning from a variety in the UTS business courses.

The Business School is offering online courses for students from other universities and tertiary institutions across Perth.”UTOP is one of the only universities that has this business entrepreneurship program in the country,” Ms Jones said.

The students will be given a range of course options including online courses, online courses on campus, online business seminars, a hands-on workshop and a career development program.