‘The Great Journey of a First-Year Student’: A documentary on the rise of an entrepreneurial youth

Italia – Italian football team Inter Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti says it is not uncommon for first-year students to have their dreams of making a difference fulfilled and to take a major step towards fulfilling them.

The Italian champions are now in the process of hiring the first graduates from their academy academy, where young people have already had a chance to work in their fields.

The club has been working closely with the academy to develop the academy’s skills.

It is not just a dream to succeed, it is a dream for the future.

It all starts with a young person and they all have one goal.

“It’s a great moment when a young man starts a journey to become a footballer,” Ancelotti said.

“We want to see this young man succeed, not as a player but as a person.”

I am a person who has always been optimistic and who wants to do good.

The youth in our club are so young, and I see it as the greatest opportunity to create a better future for the players and their families.

“This is an edited version of an interview conducted by Al Jazeera English with Carlo Anselotti, Inter Milan Coach.