Entrepreneur student entrepreneurship programme launches in Cork

The Entrepreneur Student Entrepreneurship Program (ESEP) is launching in Cork, the university said.

The ESEP aims to encourage entrepreneurial students and young people of all backgrounds to enter the sector by offering them a flexible programme to work towards their full-time and/or part-time degree and a host of additional opportunities.

The programme is designed to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to get involved in their industry in a non-competitive way, the ESEP said.

It aims to provide an entrepreneurial opportunity for students to learn, network, develop skills, and have the confidence to work for themselves and other members of the Cork community.

It will also enable students to work on projects for Cork City Council.

A further five entrepreneurial students are currently working on their own entrepreneurial projects.

The program is open to all university students, and it is open for applications until September 1.

The project will be funded through a €5,000 grant from the Cork City Corporation.

The Cork City Business Centre is the site of the ESSEP, which aims to foster and support entrepreneurial students by providing them with the opportunity to grow their business.