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The new Harvard business school is really Harvard, but it’s not exactly Harvard

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst, the new flagship business school for the United States, is now known as Harvard Business School.

But what’s that?

The new school’s name, after all, refers to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a brand that’s not synonymous with Harvard University, which is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The new school has changed its name because of the need to protect the identity of the institution and its students.

The school’s new name will be unveiled Monday, when Harvard President Drew Faust announces its new name, according to The Associated Press.

The new Harvard School of Business will be led by a Harvard alum, John Doerr, who will be the new dean.

Faust also is expected to announce new hiring for the school, which has already hired a number of former Harvard professors.

The name change was announced on Monday, after the Harvard College president, Richard H. Siepmann, met with the incoming class of 2017 and their parents.

In a letter to the incoming students, Faust said that the school will now be known as “Harvard Business School.”

Faust said in the letter that the name change “will allow students to better understand the mission of the School, as well as the core values and principles that drive our work.”

“Our students will have more in common with each other than they would at Harvard,” she added.

Faust’s announcement comes at a time when many students at the school are upset about the changes to the name.

Harvard announced on Wednesday that it will rename the school after its founder, Benjamin Franklin, to honor the school’s founding founder, who served as the schools first president.

Franklin was born in Pennsylvania in 1776 and was an early investor in the university.