When the RTE students are students, not workers: A look at the curriculum

An independent look at how the RTA’s new school curriculum is being run and the impact it will have on students.

Read moreThe school curriculum, set to launch in July, is designed to be a more flexible and adaptable curriculum than the existing RTE curriculum and aims to “provide students with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace”.

It comes after the RRTB said it was struggling to recruit enough teachers to run a primary school for the next three years because of funding cuts.RTE says its curriculum will be more flexible than the current RTE teaching model.

It will be offered at both primary and secondary schools and it will be available online.

The RTA has not said what changes it will make to the current curriculum, which was introduced in March.

The curriculum will have a focus on skills, social and cultural competencies, and the skills that teachers need to be successful in the workforce, it said. 

RTE’s first school for primary students is scheduled to open in May, and its second school for secondary students is due to open this month. 

The RTEB has been criticised for not keeping up with technology changes and the RTCB, which runs the school, has also said it is struggling to keep up with demand for its teaching staff.