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NFL player to help build student entrepreneurship competitions

A player from the New England Patriots is coming to campus to help students build their own student entrepreneurship programs.

On Feb. 26, the NFL Players Association announced that running back James Harrison will participate in the “student entrepreneurship” competition at the New Hampshire Institute of Technology.

The competition is run by the New York-based Institute for Entrepreneurship, a program that helps students launch their own business ventures and businesses through community service.

Harrison is the fifth-leading rusher in NFL history with 1,542 yards rushing in his career.

He is also the first player in NFL History to be a three-time All-Pro in the same season.

The Institute for Enterprises will be hosting the competition, which will feature 15 teams.

It will also have a $5,000 scholarship fund for students to start and run their own businesses.HARRY’S TEAM:The Institute for Enterprise will provide $5 million to support the student entrepreneurship program and to support students and their entrepreneurs.

In addition, $1 million will be awarded to students who receive a first-place finish in their competition.HARDY ISSUES:In addition to Harrison, the players association announced that five other players who have participated in the competition are coming to New Hampshire to compete in the event.

The players’ association said that it has yet to decide who will be the team’s head coach.