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Entrepreneur who was a first-generation American is in Texas for ‘first-class’ entrepreneurship class

A student entrepreneur from California has made the world’s first trip to the United States for an entrepreneurship class that is part of the College Entrepreneurship Program, the CBS News affiliate KXAN reports.

The class is called the Entrepreneurs First Class.

The program offers free tuition to entrepreneurs and students, along with financial assistance to support their ventures.KXAN-TV reported the student entrepreneur, who has not been identified, has been living in Austin since he was 17.

He graduated from the University of Southern California, but moved to Austin and took the Entrepreneur First Class in 2019.

He said he will stay in Austin while his business develops and continues to grow.

The Entrepreneurs Second Class is a program for entrepreneurs who want to go into full-time entrepreneurship.

The goal is to help entrepreneurs get started in their career and grow.

The Entrepreneurs Third Class is aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the business world and become a full-fledged entrepreneur.