Entrepreneurship student scholarships awarded in the US

Students awarded a US$8.2 million entrepreneurship scholarship in 2015 have their dreams fulfilled in an award announced Thursday.

“This award provides an opportunity for students to create a positive impact on the world through their entrepreneurial pursuits,” the US government’s Office of Financial Aid said in a statement.

The scholarship will fund up to six students in three years and will also be available for graduate students and professionals interested in entrepreneurship.

The US-based company, Accelerated Education, said it plans to partner with companies, including Google, to help students develop their skills.

“It’s a great way for our students to earn money and develop their entrepreneurial spirit,” the company said in its statement.

Accelerated Education has been awarded $1.1 million in student scholarships since 2014 and has been a pioneer in the field of entrepreneurship.

The US-listed company is also the largest provider of US-trained IT specialists to the US military.