Frequently Asked Questions

Which student is the most entrepreneurial?

Students who are more entrepreneurial will be awarded the opportunity to participate in the Student Entrepreneurship Society (SEA) Awards.

The competition, which runs until December 4, is sponsored by the University of Waterloo, and aims to inspire young people to pursue their dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

The winners will receive an invitation to attend the ceremony, which will take place at the St. John’s College, at 11:00am on December 4.

Students are asked to nominate their favourite student entrepreneurs, and submit their resumes and projects.

Winners will be announced on December 11.

“The SEA is looking for exceptional student entrepreneurs who are committed to taking part in the next stage of their education, who are passionate about the student experience and who are willing to learn from the experience of others,” said university spokesperson Kristina Stiles.

“We’re excited to see what young people from Waterloo have to offer and hope to see them attending the ceremony.”

Stiles said the winners will also be featured in the student startup showcase, which opens on December 10.

“If you have a startup idea that you think we could be excited about, please let us know, and we’ll be in touch,” she said.

The showcase is also hosting a number of other events, including a Startup Night on December 5.

“The Student Entrepreneur Awards have been running for over a year and are extremely rewarding, with students who have made an impact on the world of entrepreneurship, and have contributed to the community and helped others along the way,” said Claire Scholz, the executive director of the SEA.

“There are also a lot of very talented young people at Waterloo, from all walks of life, and I’m very excited to welcome them all to the program.”