Student entrepreneurship questionnaire: How it works

Students across the country are being asked to take part in a questionnaire to identify their passions, and in an effort to get a better understanding of what students are passionate about, one of the leading universities in India is providing them with an online survey.

Students are asked to fill in their email addresses and fill out the survey to find out what they want to do as a student.

The questionnaire has been developed by the University of Hyderabad and the Indian Council of Agricultural Science (ICAS) and will be administered in January next year.

“Students will be asked to answer a series of questions to get an idea of their personal passions and how they can work on improving their work ethic, their professional abilities, their work skills and their ability to work with others,” said Dr. Ravi Kumar Singh, director of ICAS.

A total of 6,500 students have been asked to participate in the survey, which will be run in a public survey form, in an attempt to understand the students’ interests.

The students are being directed to answer five questions.

One of them is about their interest in technology.

The question about their education will be about what they learnt from their parents and teachers.

The remaining questions will be on their career ambitions, how they want their future career to be and how many people they want working for them.

ICAS, the National Centre for the Study of Indian Universities, will administer the survey and will then give the results of the survey.

Students who want to take the survey can access the survey on its website at: https://www.icas.org/courses/student_entrepreneurship_survey_results.pdf.