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Medical News Tonight: The impact of the UIC’s UIC-CU campus expansion on its student entrepreneurship activity

A new medical center at the University of Illinois at Chicago will open its doors in the spring, and that is the impetus for the college students who are taking advantage of the new facility.

“We’re really excited to have this new facility on campus,” said Michelle Cottle, president of the Medical Student Association at UIC.

“I think it’s a very positive development.

It is really important to the future of medical education in the state.”

The medical center is part of the campus expansion announced in April and which includes two other medical campuses in Chicago, Champaign and Urbana.

The medical center will provide a new medical campus for UIC students who have graduated from UIC since 2018.

It is the first new medical facility in the country in more than a decade, said Dr. Joseph DeSantis, dean of the University Hospitals of Chicago Medical Center.

He noted that UIC has about 4,000 medical students and more than 20,000 students of other medical fields at the school.

The new campus will also house the UISci Institute for Integrative Medicine, a center for research and teaching that provides high-level clinical training and a laboratory for the medical field.

DeSantis said the new medical centers at UITC and UIC are an important part of UICs mission to bring innovative and relevant medical education to underserved communities and create opportunities for medical professionals.

The medical students said they are looking forward to working with the university, and the medical community, to ensure they can learn how to grow their own businesses.

“Our hope is that they are going to be able to expand to more campuses and be able provide more opportunities for students,” said Lauren Poulin, a medical student at UISc.