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Students who have been through the most innovative learning experience in history have scored the highest on an international study test

Students who went through the hardest part of their education and achieved the highest marks in a series of international study tests have been found to be the most likely to achieve high-level results.

The students were chosen from around the world to assess their academic skills and develop their skills as entrepreneurs, as well as their interpersonal skills.

It comes as the Government announced last month it would introduce a new $1.8 billion fund to assist students to achieve success in the job market.

But the new fund will only be available to those students who can afford it.

Students will have to pay a fee of up to $7,500 and can apply through the Universities and Colleges Union.

However, the Government said the fund would only be a temporary solution.

“It is likely that many of the students who have successfully passed the study will not have access to this additional funding,” Education Minister Michaelia Cash said in a statement.

Mr Cash said the Government had invested $5 billion into Australian universities and colleges to support students, and would not be able to provide additional funding to support those who cannot afford it on their own.

He said the new funding would be available “when we have all the data and the data is available”.

The National Union of Students is calling for the Government to fund scholarships to encourage students to enter the workforce.

In a statement, NUS Vice President of Government Relations Michael Smith said the funding would not support students who had failed in their studies, and were forced to go back to school.

NUS President Richard Colvin said the student-led fund could be a positive step to encourage young people to start their own businesses.

“But we should not underestimate the importance of a high school education and the value of apprenticeships,” Mr Colvin told the ABC.

Ms Cash said she believed the new scholarship would help some students who could not afford it and those who have chosen to go to university but are not able to find work.

“This will not only encourage young Australians to get their first jobs but it will also encourage the people who want to work to go into education,” she said.

‘There is no place for the unemployed’The new fund would cover students with no formal qualifications.

And it will not cover students who are unemployed, who have dropped out of university, or who have no other options for further education.

Education Minister Michaelian Cash said more than 300 students across Australia will benefit from the new scheme.

“[Students] can be very motivated to learn, and it’s the only place they can go if they’re not in work,” she told the Four Corners program on 7.30 on Friday.

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