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Student entrepreneurship program to launch in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide next year

The University of Melbourne has announced that it is set to launch a student entrepreneurship programme in Melbourne next year, with the city’s major universities including the University of Western Australia, the University to Perth and the University at Albany set to be included.

The program will run in partnership with the University Innovation Fund (UIF), which provides grants and support to companies in the digital and online sectors.

“This initiative is part of the University’s ongoing commitment to supporting student entrepreneurship in Australia, and provides the opportunity for universities and employers to attract students to the Australian economy,” the University said in a statement.

“We’re looking forward to working with the university to explore how we can build on the exciting entrepreneurial landscape and encourage a positive impact for the local community.”

The university will work with the UIF to design the curriculum, which will be taught through online and face-to-face sessions.

The UIF is a $10 million fund that was set up by the Australian Government in 2017 to support Australian businesses through the digital economy.

It has also been announced that a new student entrepreneurship course will be created in collaboration with the Department of Business, Innovation and Employment.

“Our university students are innovators in their field and have been working towards a greater purpose and impact for their communities,” the university said.

“In 2016, our students launched a new program called the Student Entrepreneurship Program, which has helped to launch more than 300 companies in Australia and internationally.”

The UIF will provide the funding for the program and will support students who have secured their first $500,000 from the fund.

“The University at Western Australia is delighted to be one of the first to be involved in this new initiative,” the Western Australian government said in its announcement.

“The Student Entrepreneur Programme at Western Australians is an example of how a strong university can work with local businesses to deliver an economic and social benefit for their community.”