Student entrepreneurship ecosystem grows to support up to 100,000 students

Canada’s Student Entrepreneur Network (SEAN) is expanding its student entrepreneurship network to include support for up to 1 million students in Canada.

SEAN’s mission is to support students and the broader industry to make a positive impact on society through entrepreneurial activities.

The network, which currently supports about 100,00 students, will be adding support for additional up to 10 million students.SEAN launched the Student Entrepreneurship Education Initiative (SEI) in November 2017, which aims to help students develop their entrepreneurial skills and to build their business through entrepreneurship.

The initiative aims to bring together over 50,000 Canadians to learn from experts and to share best practices.

The university aims to use the funding from SEI to support 1 million new entrepreneurs over five years.

The program is currently available in both English and French, with more languages being added in the future.

The organization hopes to expand the program to cover all levels of education.

In 2016, SEAN launched a partnership with the U.S. National Institute of Advanced Industrial Education (NIEI) to support the creation of a new program for U.A.E. students.

This initiative will provide the students with mentorship and guidance in developing their own business, and provide them with access to capital for start-ups, according to NIEI.

The partnership will be launched this fall.

SEI currently supports around 100,0000 students in over 100 countries.

The program will also provide support for the creation and support of new entrepreneurial organizations in the United States and abroad.

SEA is also partnering with the University of Washington to launch a program to help provide mentorship to more U.K. graduates with their first businesses.

This will be expanded in 2018 and 2019.SEA has been recognized by Forbes as one of the best U.M.C.I.E.-certified organizations in 2017.

The company is ranked as one to four on the world’s best-run start-up companies list.