How the student entrepreneurial sector is helping students in India survive in a global economy

Student entrepreneurship has helped the students of Kerala to succeed in the global economy.

In a country where unemployment is the third highest in the world, Kerala has emerged as a success story in the area of entrepreneurship.

The state government has set up a centre called The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Startup Development, which is the first such centre in India.

In a study conducted in 2010, students of the Kerala Institute of Management (KIIM) found that the success of their students was linked to the success in entrepreneurship and innovation.

The centre has been created as a hub for students to learn entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, marketing and sales, said the head of the institute, G.S. Bhadra.

The centre was established to provide technical training for entrepreneurs, he said.

While the number of entrepreneurs is relatively low in Kerala, the success rates of students are very high.

The rate of entrepreneurship among Kerala’s students is about 85 per cent.

According to the study conducted by KIM in 2010 in Kerala and another by the Centre for Economic Development (CED) in 2009, there were about 1,800 entrepreneurs in the state.

Of those, 7,500 are graduates and about 5,600 are students.

The success rate of students in Kerala is also higher than that of their peers in other states.

The success rate is 86 per cent in Kerala.

The state has been ranked as a top 5-star startup destination by Forbes, a US magazine.