How to be a college student who makes $100k in a year

Cornell student Andrew Gaffney is not one to miss an opportunity to earn money.

Gaffsey, the 21-year-old who was awarded the $1 million Ehl student entrepreneur award at the 2015 Entrepreneurship Student Summit in Washington, D.C., will present his story at the 2017 Entrepreneursation Student Summit.

Gaffney was born and raised in Washington state, and is an Ehl freshman.

He graduated in 2019 with a degree in business administration.

In January, he took a job at a tech company in New York, and worked his way up the ranks.

Gafney said he started working for Ehl after his dad, an EHL alum, offered him a job offer at the company.

He worked there for six months, then took a month off and started his own company, the Gaffneys, with a friend.

“I was really shocked at how well they did, and I thought, ‘I should really take the job,'” he said.

“I was thinking of doing a startup myself, but it didn’t seem like a good idea.”

Gaffrey had been working on the side since his sophomore year of college, and by the end of the year, he was the first-ever Ehl graduate to receive the prestigious award.

“It was definitely a big deal, I had just come off of a very tough year in high school,” Gaffery said.

He said he was motivated to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur by seeing other students succeeding.

“The Ehl program is really unique, it’s really focused on the young people who are trying to start their own businesses,” he said, noting that it’s a lot easier to get into college than it is to get a degree.

Gattney said Ehl students are generally motivated by the same things they are looking for: financial security, community service, a sense of community, and having fun.

“If you can get through your junior year and not have to worry about paying for college, it will be really helpful,” he added.

Gattney’s career path has been more difficult than expected.

He came to Cornell from the University of Washington, and was accepted into the program in March 2017.

He started his first job in August, but he didn’t receive a job bonus until the end, and he was forced to quit.

“After that, it just took me a little bit longer than I thought it would,” he recalled.

He didn’t expect to be accepted into Cornell for his senior year, and felt he was stuck with a $1,000 debt.

Giffney took out a loan from his aunt and got some help from his father to pay it off.

“My dad is not the most wealthy guy, but I am,” Giffery said, adding that he didn, in fact, have to borrow money to pay off the debt.

“If I was able to get my dad to work on the loan, that would’ve allowed me to make some money to help me pay it.”

Gaffrey says the first few weeks of his Ehl internship were very stressful, but the more he worked at the organization, the more it grew.

He credits the fact that Ehl provides paid internships and mentorships to the students.

“They’re very much there for you, and they’re really nice and kind and helpful,” Gaffe said.

“For them, it feels like you’re working for your community, you’re really doing something for them, they’re actually helping you out,” he continued.

“It was really rewarding.”

Gaffe said he would like to return to Cornell for a second internship in the near future.

But he said it’s difficult to get an internship while studying, and not being able to make money while working is tough.

“Being able to work from home and not having to worry that my paycheck is going to be cut, and have it be my income and not a debt, that was very important,” he explained.

Gaffe also wants to get back to Cornell in the future.

“As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to grow your business and make money and not feel like you have to sacrifice your life for something,” he concluded.

“You want to do the things that are really exciting and rewarding.”

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