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Why Students Need to Be Activists Today

By the time the students are graduating, most will have been out of school for a few years, and the job market is much tougher.

But that doesn’t mean they should give up on student activism.

“As much as we are told that activism and activism are the only things that will make a difference in our world, they are really the only thing that will actually change our world,” said Jessica Smith, a sophomore at the University of Houston who is currently working as a project manager for student entrepreneurship projects.

“So while you are still trying to make it in the industry, you are also trying to help students and their families get their lives back on track and make it to graduate school.” 

Smith, a junior majoring in psychology, started a student entrepreneurship project at the university in April.

She said the project aims to provide mentorship for students on how to get into entrepreneurship, and to raise awareness about how much it costs to start a business.

The project was one of a handful of projects that helped students get out of their high school bubble, which is also why it was important for them to get involved.

“I am a huge advocate for entrepreneurship and I think that I was just like, I need to help these students,” Smith said.

“I think I just wanted to show them that they can do it and it doesn’t have to be so expensive.”

The school has also put together a program to help aspiring entrepreneurs.

Students are also taking part in a nationwide “student entrepreneurship week” to encourage students to become involved in the business world.

The day includes a variety of events that will include seminars, networking, job fairs, networking events and networking with investors.

Smith said she and her friends are planning to host an event on their school’s campus to talk about how to start an entrepreneurial business.

“We are really looking forward to working with students, and seeing how they are going to take it from there,” she said.

With so many young people pursuing careers in the field of entrepreneurship, it is crucial that they get involved, Smith said, and she hopes other students take advantage of the opportunity.

“We have so many opportunities for them,” she added.

The “Student Entrepreneurship Week” event was hosted by the Houston College of Business at Houston International Airport on March 27.

It included an event at the school to promote the project and a lunch with students who had applied for student entrepreneurs grants.

The students received a scholarship to help cover their tuition for the project.

“Students need to know that there is no better place to learn than in school,” said Sarah Ransom, vice president for business development at the college.

“There are so many other opportunities out there to learn, and they just need to get out there and make an impact.”

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