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Student entrepreneurship program to be launched in next week

The Irish government will launch an ambitious student entrepreneurship programme next week to help young people get into the global marketplace.

Education Minister Michael Creedon said he would be inviting more than 500 entrepreneurs to take part in a “co-ordinated and focused” pilot scheme.

The scheme will be designed to provide opportunities for students to learn and grow in Ireland by offering them the opportunity to work alongside established entrepreneurs in the sector.

“The Irish student entrepreneurs programme is part of the Government’s ongoing strategy to bring young people into the world of entrepreneurship, and is designed to make the Irish student experience more accessible to more students and businesses across the country,” he said.

The pilot scheme will run from April 1, with more than 100 startups in the running for participation.

Mr Creedon has said he wants to make entrepreneurship in Ireland a “core” issue for the country.

The programme is designed by the Department of Education, Skills, Enterprise and Innovation, to help students learn, learn and learn again.

It is also designed to help create jobs for Irish people and create opportunities for local businesses.

“I think it’s important that we start a conversation about how we get young people in this industry, and in this country,” Mr Creedon told RTÉ News.

“This is a very global industry, where young people are being recruited and it’s very important to get them to work in the right place at the right time.”

The programme will offer an apprenticeship program, with companies that hire apprentices receiving support to help them get into a global market.

In addition, there will be opportunities for young people to start a business and work in Ireland, with an emphasis on young professionals, particularly in agriculture.

Mr Fergus O’Mahony from the Business Ireland think tank said the scheme would make Ireland “one of the global leaders in this sector”.

“It’s a good idea that the Government will make it a core issue in the next few weeks, but it’s not the only thing they’re thinking about,” he told RTE.

“They want to make sure that they get it right.

There’s no doubt that this is a huge opportunity for Ireland to be the leader in the world.”

Mr Creedons plans for the scheme are designed to give young people the skills they need to be successful.

“We need to attract more young people, particularly young professionals to come here and work and make a difference,” he added.

“It has to be in the context of a future where the economy is going to be so strong that the demand for jobs will be there, and we can’t afford to be complacent.”

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