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When you need to build a business, your parents are more likely to help

When your parents need you to do something, their advice is usually not a bad one.

This was the case with one University of Melbourne student who was left with a job offer after her mother passed away, but she was forced to take it anyway because her mother’s cancer was too advanced.

The university is providing a $250,000 grant to support a new medical student in her final year.

In her final term, her mother died of breast cancer, leaving her without an income for her final three years at university.

“It was really hard, but my mum didn’t know I was doing it,” the 17-year-old told

“She didn’t want me to do it and I didn’t feel that I was ready for it.”

The family of the teenager, who has also asked to be referred to as Ms S, decided to help her out when her mother had to go through the process of being diagnosed with lung cancer.

“They made me realise that my mum really cared for me and her family.

I just wanted to be able to help out as best I could,” Ms S said.

“I’m really grateful to my mum for doing it and giving me a chance to do this and help someone else out.”

Ms S was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in April last year.

“My mum was the last person to see me after I had the chemo and it was heartbreaking,” she said.

Her mother died in April, leaving the family without any income for three years.

“The last thing my mum wanted was to lose a job, but I was able to make it work for my final year,” she added.

Ms S is now working as a medical student on her own, using her mother as a personal assistant.

She is also working on her PhD. “One of the things that made it so easy was the fact that my mother did everything for me, so she didn’t have to worry about me making ends meet,” she explained.

Ms N has also been on her mum’s side, with her father, who was diagnosed just three months after her mum passed away.

“As a young girl, my dad was always there to help,” she told News Australia.

His mum would never have had to worry if I wasn’t going to finish school, so I’m grateful for him and I’m really happy to be a part of it.”