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Which student entrepreneurship organizations are in your community?

This is a subreddit dedicated to the education of students in the fields of entrepreneurship, business, entrepreneurship education, and entrepreneurship.

The purpose of this subreddit is to provide resources to students interested in learning about entrepreneurship and to connect them with other interested students.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to, the following:1.

Entrepreneurship education: How to get started, what to study, and what to be prepared for.2.

Business education: Why you should learn it, how to get it, and how to apply.3.

Business, Entrepreneurs and Technology education: The basics of business, the business side of entrepreneurship.4.

Student organizations: Where to go, what’s up, and why they matter.5.

Student media: Student news, and a few more.6.

How to start your own company: How much do you know about starting a business?7.

Startup ideas: How you can start, what kind of company, and where to start it.8.

Business ideas: Business ideas that are a bit different from the norm, or are a good idea?9.

Entrepreneurial career tips: What to look for in an entrepreneur, and tips for building a business.10.

Entrepreneured by someone else: How the process started, where to look, and advice for others who are interested in starting.11.

Entrepreneurus of the week: A selection of some of the best and most inspiring students from around the world.12.

How does your school get better?