Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a ‘student entrepreneurship’ group for students

The National Student Entrepreneurship Society (SES) is an informal network of students and entrepreneurs that connects the students with businesses and businesses that they can work with.

SES works to bring students together to create the kind of company they want to work for and create a culture of entrepreneurship.

The first event in the SES series of events is the Student Entrepreneur’s Business Conference, which brings together students and business professionals from across the country to learn about the industry and share ideas.

A second SES event is the Startup Week at the University of Southern California, a weekend event where students get to network with other students to help with their entrepreneurial ventures.

Students also get to meet with local entrepreneurs and mentors, get networking and learn about entrepreneurship in general.

SES also hosts a Startup Weekend at the New York State Fairgrounds, which allows students to network and meet with entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and mentors from around the country.

This year, SES will host the first ever Student Entrepreneury Awards, which will give a prize of $10,000 to the top student entrepreneur in the U.S. This award is a way for SES to recognize student entrepreneurs and their efforts to promote entrepreneurship in their communities and beyond.

Ses’ event also brings together business leaders from across campus to help support students in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The next event in SES’ series of student entrepreneurship events is Startup Week in the University District.

Students will be able to connect with entrepreneurs from all over the U of C. If you are interested in learning more about how to start a student entrepreneurship group, please email [email protected] or call the Ses Office at 916-847-9244.