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How to make an internship and get a student credit in Waterloo

Students at the Waterloo Student Entrepreneurial Association have an opportunity to become the first students in Canada to receive a credit for volunteering in their own workplace.

The Waterloo Student Business Association (WSBAA) held a student entrepreneurship event this week to encourage students to become a student entrepreneur.

In the last three years, WSBAA has hosted events at the University of Waterloo to introduce students to the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

“Our students are looking to work in industries like hospitality, retail, tech, and education, but there is so much more to be learned about the work they do,” said Sarah Stahl, director of student entrepreneurship at WSBA.

“This event is about creating a sense of community and getting students to take the next step toward building a future.”

The event, which was held in Waterloo’s Student Center, was held to help students explore their own entrepreneurship opportunities.

Participants were encouraged to use the event as a chance to build a network of people who are willing to help them make a change in their lives.

“We wanted to encourage our students to consider becoming students, because the job market is so tough right now,” said Stahl.

“We were trying to show them that they can go out and become entrepreneurs in their community, even if it is in their hometown.”

The WSBBA is a student organization that offers internship opportunities to undergraduate students in the Waterloo Region.

The group also hosts events for business students, students in technical and creative fields, and those in the arts and sciences.

“This event was a great opportunity to see if students were interested in the idea of working at a company and being part of something bigger than themselves,” said Jodie Smith, the event’s co-organizer.

“As a young adult who has spent most of my life in a cubicle, this is a really exciting opportunity to really take a leap.”

Stahl said the event was an opportunity for students to show that they are interested in what they are doing, and to gain confidence in their abilities and in themselves.

“When we were talking to students, it was really helpful to see their stories,” said Smith.

“That was really the highlight of this whole event.”

Students were asked to come up with their own ideas and submit their projects to the WSB.

After the students were selected, they received a credit towards their next internship.

“I think the main goal of this event was to try and make sure that students were getting out of their cubicle and into their community,” said Anderson, the organizer of the event.

“There are lots of people that are in the same position that we are, but we have to give them a little bit more credit to get them to do something that they really want to do.”

Students are encouraged to come back for future events.