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How to Use the Twitter Marketing Platform to Teach Students Entrepreneurship in a Student-Friendly Way

Students will learn how to create a student-friendly marketing strategy to help students learn about entrepreneurship.

In this video, a student from Washington, D.C. uses Twitter to promote her idea of creating an online student-run coffee shop called “Teach Me Entrepreneurs.”

The students’ business plan is to create an online cafe in Washington, DC where students can rent and sell their own coffee and other drinks, with the proceeds going to the school.

The coffee shop could be a place for students to meet, shop, and socialize.

In the video, the student says, “I don’t think this is a bad idea.

We’re all in this together, and this is our community.

I think it could be really helpful for some of the students who don’t have a lot of friends or have other ideas about how to run their businesses.”

The video is a way to encourage students to take a hands-on approach to their business.

They’re encouraged to create new business plans, talk to potential customers, and talk about the company’s future plans.

Teaching students to understand the concept of “entrepreneurial success” is a key to encouraging a student to take the initiative in her business.

Students need to understand that it’s okay to be different, and to think outside the box.

In their video, students are shown a mock-up of the coffee shop they’re envisioning.

The video encourages students to create their own business plan, talk with potential customers about their business, and even consider creating a business card for the coffee bar.

It shows students how to use Twitter to create buzz, build brand awareness, and create a business plan that works for them.

Students can learn more about how Twitter works in this video: