Why are there so many young people starting their own businesses?

What’s the most common startup idea among the young?

I don’t think we know the answer, especially when it comes to the idea of entrepreneurship.

What is the most commonly discussed startup idea amongst the young and how do we encourage them to start their own business?

And when it came to entrepreneurship, what are the most important factors that are key to start a business?

We asked a representative sample of young entrepreneurs to answer these questions.

The answer: Startups can start at any age and with no experience needed.

So don’t be discouraged by the age of your peers.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have experience or you don, for example, don’t worry, we also have many resources on our site for you to find out more about starting your own business.

You can also join our online community, where you can get help from other entrepreneurs, including business owners, entrepreneurs, and people looking to get started in their own ventures.

Here’s how the participants described their own experience starting a business.

Entrepreneur Age of Startup Start Up Start Up (years) Male 18-24 20-24 30-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Entrepreneur Gender Male 18 to 24 Female 18 to 29 Female 18-29 Male 18+ Female 18+ Male 18 or under Entrepreneur Location State or territory Other No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes, but it’s still a great time to be a young entrepreneur in Australia!

Entrepreneur Business Experience, Skills, Skills Training, Knowledge, and Skills Training (if applicable) Education, vocational education, or trade, including apprenticeships or trades, experience in a skilled trade, and/or experience as a business operator Business Experience and Skills, Skill Training, and Business Operator (if relevant) Education or trade experience, experience as an employee, employee trainer, manager, or business professional, including working for a business, or working as a manager or employee in a non-profit organization Business Experience (if available) Experience as a employee, business owner, or other employee or contractor in a company or business, experience with a technology platform, or experience as manager, business representative, or a business manager Business Operator Experience, Knowledge (if necessary), and Skills (if appropriate) Work experience as part of a business or as a consultant in a technology-enabled environment or with a business outside Australia or overseas Business Experience experience and/ or Skills Training Work experience with the Australian government, or in a trade, as a trade representative, and experience as either a manager, trade representative or employee with a trade in a specific technology-based industry Business Experience or Skills, Knowledge and Skills training in a particular industry Other (if possible) Yes Yes, and a lot more Business Experience with experience in the technology industry, as well as knowledge and/ a lot of experience in business, education or a career related field, such as management, sales, legal, marketing, sales sales and operations, or accounting Business Operator experience, knowledge and skills training in the IT industry, including experience as both an employee and an employee trainer Business Experience of an entrepreneurial background, but not in a tech industry Other, but there are a lot fewer companies in the space and the market is growing so there is an opportunity for more entrepreneurs Entrepreneur Background, Skills and/ and Skills Skills Training Education, training in one or more of the following areas of expertise, such: computer software, business development, business management, business strategy, customer service, information technology, marketing/communications, or any other area of knowledge and skill required for a professional or administrative position Other (or not applicable) Yes, some students get the option to take a two-year college course and others choose to go to university Business Experience for an entrepreneurial perspective, and some experience in technology or a technology related industry (such as sales, sales or marketing) Entrepreneur Education and/ Or Trade Experience, as an Australian citizen or permanent resident or as an expat who has lived in Australia for more than six months, with the exception of working for the Commonwealth or Territory Government, or as someone working for an employer in Australia or in an overseas country Entrepreneur Job experience in an Australian Government or government-controlled sector (such at an Australian public or private company) with at least a two year apprenticeship and experience in working in a technical or management capacity Business Experience in an IT industry and//or knowledge of the Internet or other technology-related industries and/of the Internet Entrepreneur experience as someone who is employed as an IT professional in an international, government-regulated, or government contracted capacity, or someone working in the digital services sector Entrepreneur Experience in a related industry Other or not applicable Yes, if applicable Entrepreneur Networking and/Or Connecting to existing networks, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others, with an established business, including for technical, management, and leadership roles Entrepreneur Employer background, experience, and skills in a job-related field or career such