Stanford students in entrepreneurship are the smartest students in the country

Stanford students are among the smartest people in the world, a survey released Thursday suggests.

According to the Stanford University School of Engineering, more than 2,000 Stanford students participated in a survey that tracked their thoughts on various topics, including topics related to entrepreneurship.

“The most important question in the survey was: ‘How do you think you would be able to achieve your goals if you had the opportunity to become an entrepreneur?'” said study co-author David Wojcicki.

“That’s one of the most important questions, and we’re excited to see how these students answered it,” Wojticki told ABC News.

The students surveyed had varying degrees of entrepreneurial background, with more than half of them saying they had either started a company or had some experience in the business world.

Wojcinti said the results are an interesting contrast to other studies that focus on entrepreneurship in college students.

“We’ve seen studies that look at the entrepreneurial aspirations of a subset of the population and that is the most affluent group of students,” he said.

“So what we find here is that students from the most privileged group of college students have a much higher level of entrepreneurial ambition than students from less privileged groups of students.”

More than 50 percent of the students who responded to the survey said they had already launched a business, and nearly 50 percent had plans to do so in the future.

More than 70 percent said they would have more success if they had a college degree, and about 40 percent said that would be a major benefit to them in the job market.

“There is a lot of talk about the fact that a college education doesn’t guarantee a job or a career,” said Woji.

“But this shows that if you have the desire to learn and the desire, you can go to college, get a college diploma and still succeed.”

Students were also asked to identify which industry was the most likely to help them succeed in their future career.

Entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics were the most popular industries for the students surveyed.

“It’s clear that if we have an entrepreneurial mindset, if we can understand that there are opportunities in the real world, there are ways to build a career in that field, then we can build an entrepreneurial career,” Wajcik said.

“This is why the Stanford Entrepreneurs Club and the Stanford MBA are both so important,” he added.

“We want to see this work.

The Stanford Entrepreneur Club is really about learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, how it’s built and how to get a sense of the business side.”

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