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What students are learning in Israel’s Startup School

Students are learning from Israeli startups in the Startup School in Tel Aviv, a startup incubator for Israeli startups.

“The first time we went to this place we had no idea what we were doing,” says Tanya, a student at the Startup school.

“I didn’t have any idea what I was doing.

And that was because the school didn’t teach us.

They gave us a booklet with nothing to learn.”

Tanya has a keen interest in technology.

“My friends used to come to our classes, but we were always surrounded by technology.

But it was only in the last few years that we started to learn from the other students.”

“It’s been a while since I have been able to see the students from other classes,” says Amir, another student at Startup school, “I can’t go to the movies or the concerts.

I have to stay at home.

I’ve been working at home for two years now, and I can’t do anything because I can only see the posters.”

The students are not the only ones learning from the Startup program.

“The students who are from the startup community here are always there to help,” says one of the founders of the Startup programme, Yair Nefesh.

“They are also very helpful in helping us to understand our projects and to give us advice.

They’re always helpful in our work.”

The startup programme started in 2014 as a way for students from different backgrounds to connect and learn together.

At the start, there were only eight students in the program, but the number has grown to almost 20. 

“We had four classes a week,” says Nefeshe, “and it was a very good learning experience.

I would say that it was very important for me that I started my own company.”

He describes the Startup students as “people who were motivated by their own talent and their own ambition.”

“The students here have great ideas,” says Yael, a Startup student.

“Some of them are very good at their work.

Some of them have great potential, but they also have a lot of work to do.”

The Startup school is open to students from all fields of education, and has been known to be a place where students can network with other students. 

While the students are getting their first taste of entrepreneurship, the Startup plan is also working to create jobs for young Israelis, especially young men. 

This is a major focus of the new programme. 

 “There are two things that we’re focusing on,” says Nadav, the co-founder of the startup school. 

“One is to give our students a job.

We are working on a program to give young Israelis a job in the tech industry. 

“We are hoping that this project will give them a real opportunity to find a job.””

It’s important that the people from our society don’t give up on their dreams,” he adds.

“We are hoping that this project will give them a real opportunity to find a job.”

The Startup School is currently running workshops for young people in the Tech sector. 

The Startup programme is also running a project to bring in more Israeli companies, like Yishai, to Israel. 

Yishai is a software company that helps developers to create better software for companies in Israel.

“When I came here to Israel, I didn’t know anything about software,” says Shlomo.

“And after three months, I started learning.

I’m very happy that I found Yishain.” 

“Our students are the future of Israel,” says Miki, another Startup student, “They know a lot about technology, and we can help them to start their own companies.” 

This article was translated from Hebrew to English by Haaretz reporter Yehuda Glickman.